Quick Answer: How To Get A Job In A Different Country?

Working Overseas: 14 Websites to Find a Job Abroad

Learn about the best websites for working abroad, short-term and long-term work abroad, updating and localizing your resume, and researching the country where you want to work with these websites. Read on to learn how to start your search with the help of these websites.

Best International Job Search Websites 

Take a look at these websites to learn more about how to find a job in another country.

1. Go Abroad 

Choose from over 18,000 verified programs in GoAbroad’s database, and select the type of work you want from one of five categories. If you want to teach English as a second language, GoAbroad can help you get certified first.

2. Easy Expat 

Easy Expat is a website created by expats for expats that offers helpful resources for international relocation, such as advice on moving, living, and working abroad, as well as a forum where expats from all over the world can ask other expats questions about moving internationally.

3. Go Overseas

Go Overseas is a useful website for finding work outside of your home country; use the Guide to TEFL to find a TEFL course to teach English abroad; and the GO Guidebook for tips and advice on traveling and working abroad.

4. Idealist

Idealist, a nonprofit organization based in New York, has a search bar at the top of the page where you can look for jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. You can also narrow your options by selecting from the list of criteria on the Jobs page’s sidebar.

5. Overseas Jobs 

The Job Seeker Resource page in each country’s directory provides advice on writing cover letters and what’s new in the news about international careers. Scroll down to see some of the most popular searches for ideas.

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6. Indeed Worldwide

Indeed Worldwide, a platform for job postings from around the world, is another useful resource for discovering average salary rates for various jobs. Sign up for email notifications when new jobs are posted so you don’t have to scroll through pages of jobs. The Find Salaries page is another useful resource for discovering average salary rates for various jobs.

7. CEO Worldwide

CEO Worldwide was created to connect international companies with potential executive-level employees. Visit the Job Offers page to see a list of open positions in a variety of countries, or apply to be iCEO vetted for even more jobs on the non-disclosed list.

8. Expat Network 

The Expat Network is a multifaceted resource for both new and experienced expats, offering a list of open positions around the world as well as advice on how to apply for jobs, plan your move, and make the most of your expat experience. Take your time browsing the site to see all of the useful resources.

Best Websites for Short-Term Work Abroad 


BUNAC was founded in 1962 and offers programs for working, traveling, and volunteering abroad. Choose from internships, working holidays, volunteer opportunities, summer camps, and teaching opportunities. BUNAC is a member of the British Educational Travel Association (BETA).

10. Transitions Abroad 

Transitions Abroad began as a print magazine in 1977 and has since grown into a massive database for those looking to work, study, travel, or volunteer abroad, as well as useful resources for budget travel, independent travel, senior travel, and more.

Is it illegal to work from another country?

Employees who live and work in another country, even for a short time, may become subject to that country’s jurisdiction and begin to benefit from the applicable local mandatory employment protections.

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What kinds of jobs are easy to get in a foreign country?

The 5 Most Common (But Awesome) Jobs in Other Countries

  • Teaching English Abroad.
  • Supporting a Family as an Au Pair.
  • Getting Your Hands Dirty While WWOOF-ing.
  • Fostering Tourism as a Hostel Employee.
  • Working as a Freelance (Insert Job Title Here)

Can I telework from another country?

Employees cannot telework from a foreign location unless a DETO Agreement has been approved, which is extremely rare in the federal government due to increased security concerns and costs to employing agencies.

How long can you work from another country?

In most cases, this means that you will be taxed only in the UK and not in the other country if you spend no more than 183 days in the other country and work for a UK-resident employer who pays your wages.

Which country pays highest salary?

The Top 10 Countries with the Highest Worker Salaries

  1. Luxembourg is a small country in western Europe that accounts for about 25% of global GDP.
  2. Switzerland is known for its watches, chocolates, and, of course, the Alps.
  3. Norway.
  4. Netherlands.
  5. Australia.
  6. Denmark.
  7. Canada.

Which country is best for unskilled workers?

More opportunities for unskilled workers to obtain craft certificates will be made permanent in Norway, ensuring that more unskilled workers obtain a craft certificate.

Which country is easiest to find a job?

11 countries where getting a work visa is the easiest (for Americans)

  • Australia and New Zealand.
  • Cambodia.
  • Germany.
  • Ireland.
  • China.
  • Singapore.
  • Ecuador.

Can you work for a US company from another country?

In summary, the United States Labor Department, the Internal Revenue Service, the Small Business Administration, and immigration lawyers all agree that hiring foreigners living outside the United States as remote or telecommute workers is legal.

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Can I work for a US company and live abroad?

As a result, you do not need a visa or work authorization to work for a US-based company while physically outside the US; however, a US-based company that hires you remotely becomes an employer in the jurisdiction(s) where you work.

Can I apply for a remote job in a different country?

Although the parties cannot generally avoid the application of foreign employment and tax laws, there are some steps an employer can take to reduce the risks of having employees working from another state or country on a temporary basis. Any changes to the employee’s job duties, compensation, or benefits.

Do I have to pay tax if I work abroad?

Yes, you will usually have to pay tax if you work outside of the UK; for people who are classified as UK tax residents, tax will be due on income earned outside of the UK in most cases. Your UK tax residence status is determined by the Statutory Residence Test.

Can I work from home for a foreign employer?

Nonimmigrants in the F, J, and Q categories, as well as their dependents, may work from home for a foreign employer and not be considered to have earned any US source income, requiring the foreign company to have a corporate entity or branch office doing business in the United States.

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