Quick Answer: How To Get A Job With The Usps?

How to Apply for USPS Jobs

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has a wide range of job opportunities, but all employees must meet the same basic requirements: some positions require a high school diploma, while others require a four-year degree. The USPS is particularly interested in employees who have a long and stable work history.

Is it hard to get a USPS job?

Not difficult, but there are some requirements: you must pass a drug test, have no felonies on your record, be willing to work hard, meet lifting requirements for various jobs, and be flexible with your work days because most girst jobs are part-time. Good luck.

How long does it take to get hired by USPS?

The turnover rate is so high that the hiring process takes only a week or two to complete; they need people, but can’t keep most of them. From start to finish, it took me about 4 1/2 to 5 months to complete all of the steps, including in-person interviews and appointments.

How much does USPS employees make?

In California, the average annual salary for a postal worker is around $60,100.

Is working for USPS a good job?

The USPS is a good company to work for because the work is enjoyable; however, the workload can be overwhelming at times. It offers good pay, benefits, and advancement opportunities. I work as an RCA (a substitute for regular rural mail carriers).

What is the best job at USPS?

“The best job in the post office is rural carrier” – Postal Employees – Federal Soup.

What disqualifies you from working for USPS?

A negative decision on any of the eligibility factors u2014 age, Selective Service System registration, driving record, qualifying test, driver’s license review, drug screening, or English competence u2014 prevents an applicant from moving forward in the hiring process.

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What is a career position at USPS?

City carrier assistant position u2014 delivers mail on designated city routes. Rural carrier associate position u2014 delivers mail on rural routes.

Does USPS check your credit for employment?

Yes, criminal and credit history are both checked as part of their background check.

What is USPS starting pay?

The average starting pay for an entry-level postal employee with benefits is over $20 per hour, which is extremely competitive in the marketplace. Please see the table below for starting pay rates for popular entry-level positions like City Carrier, Rural Carrier, Clerk, and Mail Handler.

Why are USPS employees so rude?

Customers frequently criticize the patience of postal employees tasked with assisting them; they can’t be fired – One of the open secrets of the USPS is that you have to screw up really bad to be fired; being snide or rude to customers does not qualify for this, so many postal employees can act in a variety of ways.

What USPS job pays the most?

Postal Jobs with the Best Pay

  • President and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer.
  • Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President.
  • Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President.
  • Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President.
  • Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President.
  • Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President.

Is working at the Post Office stressful?

It can be very stressful, and working for the USPS is not recommended for someone who has problems handling stress. (3:30 p.m. civilian time is 1530 military and 1550 USPS.) It is structured like the military, with a rigid hierarchy, but it is staffed by civilians – and nepotism is alive and well.

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Can the post office make you work 7 days a week?

Employees who are not full-time regulars can work up to 12.5 hours per day (including a 30-minute lunch break) and seven days per week, but not more than 60 hours per week.

Does USPS have good benefits?

Postal career employees enjoy a variety of benefits, including the ability to accumulate annual and sick leave, the ability to donate leave, basic life insurance paid for by the Postal Service with additional options available at the employee’s expense, pretax health benefits with the Postal Service covering the majority of the cost, and pretax retirement benefits.

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