Readers ask: How To Get A Job Abroad As An American?

Working Overseas: 14 Websites to Find a Job Abroad

14 websites created to assist you in your job search abroad, including the best websites for working abroad, short-term and long-term work abroad. Update and Localize Your Resume – Make sure your resume contains relevant information for the country where you may be employed.

Best International Job Search Websites 

Take a look at these websites to learn more about how to find a job in another country.

1. Go Abroad 

GoAbroad has a database of over 18,000 verified programs to choose from. Select the type of work you want to do from one of the five categories, and GoAbroad can also help you get certified if you want to teach English as a second language.

2. Easy Expat 

Easy Expat is a website created by expats for expats that offers helpful resources for international relocation, such as advice on moving, living, and working abroad, as well as a forum where expats from all over the world can ask other expats questions about moving internationally.

3. Go Overseas

Go Overseas is a useful website for finding work outside of your home country; use the Guide to TEFL to find a TEFL course to teach English abroad; and the GO Guidebook for tips and advice on traveling and working abroad.

4. Idealist

Idealist, a nonprofit organization based in New York, has a search bar at the top of the page where you can look for jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. You can also narrow your options by selecting from the list of criteria on the Jobs page’s sidebar.

5. Overseas Jobs 

The Job Seeker Resource page includes information on how to write cover letters and what’s new in the world of international careers, as well as links to each country’s directory of useful resources for job seekers.

6. Indeed Worldwide

Indeed Worldwide, a platform for job postings from around the world, is another useful resource for discovering average salary rates for various jobs. Sign up for email notifications when new jobs are posted so you don’t have to scroll through pages of jobs. The Find Salaries page is another useful resource for discovering average salary rates for various jobs.

7. CEO Worldwide

CEO Worldwide was created to connect international companies with potential executive-level employees. Visit the Job Offers page to see a list of open positions in a variety of countries, or apply to be iCEO vetted for even more jobs on the non-disclosed list.

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8. Expat Network 

The Expat Network is a multifaceted resource for both new and experienced expats, offering a list of open positions around the world as well as advice on how to apply for jobs, plan your move, and make the most of your expat experience. Take your time browsing the site to see all of the useful resources.


BUNAC was founded in 1962 and offers programs for working, traveling, and volunteering abroad. Choose from internships, working holidays, volunteer opportunities, summer camps, and teaching opportunities. BUNAC’s programs last anywhere from two weeks to two years.

10. Transitions Abroad 

Transitions Abroad began as a print magazine in 1977 and has since grown into a massive database for those looking to work, study, travel, or volunteer abroad, as well as useful resources for budget travel, independent travel, senior travel, and more.

11. JAB

JAB (Jobs Abroad Bulletin) is a website run by two international backpackers that lists paid jobs, volunteer opportunities, and low-cost volunteer work. You can search for jobs by type or country, sign up for the newsletter, and view the most recent job postings.

Best Websites for Remote Work Abroad 

Check out these websites to see if there’s any work you can do from home or from anywhere in the world.

12. We Work Remotely 

We Work Remotely (WWR) is a job board site similar to Indeed or Monster that posts 100% remote jobs. Job categories include programming, design, copywriting, customer support, sales, and marketing. WRR accepts applications for full-time and contract positions.

13. Working Nomads

This website connects professionals with companies that have open positions in categories such as development, marketing, management, system administration, design, sales, customer success, consulting, finance, administration, human resources, education, health care, and legal, allowing them to enjoy the freedoms of a virtual nomad.

14. is a useful website that curates open remote customer service, recruitment, design, sales, and other positions. Find jobs ranging from entry-level to freelance or contract jobs, and sign up for daily remote job alerts related to your search criteria.

How do you get a job in another country as an American?

The steps to getting a job in another country are as follows:

  1. Determine the type of job you want. Determine the country you want to work in. Locate a job that interests you. Apply for a visa or work permit. Update and localize your resume.
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Can US citizens work abroad?

If you want to work as an expat, or a native-born citizen living abroad, you have a lot of options; however, you can choose to work and live in one city to learn about a new culture while working in a position that fits your career path.

What countries can US citizens work in?

Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, and Ireland are the five countries that offer Working Holiday Visas to US citizens; each of these countries has its own visa requirements and will provide you with a unique travel experience.

How do I apply for a job overseas?

How to Apply for a Job in a Foreign Country

  1. Make yourself marketable to international recruiters.
  2. Customize your application and/or resume.
  3. Understand the visa process.

What jobs can I do internationally?

The 9 Best Jobs for Recent College Graduates Abroad

  • Medical Work.
  • Tech.
  • Hospitality.
  • Agriculture.
  • Childcare.
  • Communications.
  • Business Administration.
  • Business Administration

Which foreign country is best for job?

The Top 10 Countries for Working Abroad

  • Living and working in a foreign country is an incredible way to learn about the world, yourself, and what it means to be a global citizen.
  • Germany. Photo credit: Jenny H., CIEE Germany Alum.
  • South Korea.
  • Cambodia.
  • The Netherlands.
  • The Czech Republic.
  • China.
  • Vietnam.

How long US citizen can stay out of USA?

A person admitted to the United States as an immigrant is presumed to live permanently in the United States, and staying outside the country for more than 12 months may result in the loss of lawful permanent resident status.

Can I lose my citizenship if I live outside the US?

Is it possible for me to lose my U.S. citizenship while living abroad? Your residency status abroad has no bearing on your U.S. citizenship; the only way to lose it is to renounce it formally; you cannot lose your U.S. citizenship by accident.

What country has the most American expatriates?

In all other cases, starting with Israel, the figures are based on estimates from part-time residents and expatriates in the United States.

  • Mexico has 899,311 US-born residents (2017)
  • the European Union has 800,000 (all EU countries combined) in 2013
  • and Canada has 738,203 (2011).
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What is the easiest country to move to from America?

So, here is our top ten list of the best countries for Americans to relocate to in 2020:

  • Mexico.
  • Australia.
  • The Czech Republic (Czechia)
  • Canada.
  • Thailand.
  • Singapore. Cost of living: High (Similar to Los Angeles)
  • Argentina. Cost of living: Very low (50-70 percent less than the United States)
  • Montenegro. Cost of living: Low (50 percent less than the United States)

Which country is easiest to get job?

11 countries where getting a work visa is the easiest (for Americans)

  • Australia and New Zealand.
  • Cambodia.
  • Germany.
  • Ireland.
  • China.
  • Singapore.
  • Ecuador.

Can I work in Europe with an American degree?

However, most European countries have shortages of skilled professionals in certain fields, such as engineering, information technology, healthcare, and teaching, and citizens of the EU can work in any EU member country without a work permit, whereas Americans require an employer to sponsor their work visa; however, most European countries have shortages of skilled professionals in certain fields, such as engineering, information technology, healthcare, and teaching.

How do you get a job abroad with no experience?

You can also get work in another country without any experience through programs like WWOOF u2013 an international work exchange network where you can work on organic farms! If you have a passion or an interest, there is a job or a work program waiting for you.

Which country has more jobs for foreigners?

Right now, there are a lot of job openings in Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Malta, which are the countries with the most offers in the Europe Language Jobs database. If you like the idea of working in cities like Barcelona, Athens, or Lisbon, look no further.

How can I move abroad with no money?

There are ten steps to relocating to another country without spending any money.

  1. Start looking for work abroad.
  2. Find the right work abroad program.
  3. Make the decision.
  4. Inform your friends and family that you’ll be moving abroad.
  5. Start the visa process and find housing.
  6. Learn about the logistics of life as a foreigner.

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