Readers ask: How To Get A Job At Amc?

Questions and Answers about AMC Theatres Hiring Process

If you are Yellow or Green, the theater can move forward with the interview process; if you are Red, you failed the application and will not be hired. I always recommend waiting a week or two and then calling the theater during off-peak hours (10am – 5pm).

How long does it take to get hired at AMC?

The AMC Theatres hiring process takes one to three weeks, with entry-level job titles requiring far less interviewing and decision-making time, with the hiring process often lasting less than a week from start to finish.

How much does a AMC employee make?

AMC Theatres, Inc. Hourly Rate Jobs

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Crew Leader Range:$7 – $13 Average:$9
Theater Manager Range:$10 – $20 Average:$13
Operations Manager Range:$9 – $20 Average:$14
Bartender Range:$4 – $15 Average:$8

Can 14 year olds work at AMC?

AMC follows all local and federal guidelines for employing minors in the workplace, and we frequently make job offers to people between the ages of 14 and 17, based on the hours that their school work permits allow them to work. To verify an AMC associate’s employment, please click here.

Is working at AMC hard?

Working as a crew member at AMC is a lot of fun and very easy. If your AMC has a small crew or is simply busy, expect to work 4-6 days a week, especially since AMC is open 365 days a year (including all MAJOR HOLIDAYS).

Do AMC employees get free movies?

Employees at AMC Entertainment receive free movie tickets (even before they are released), popcorn, and soda.

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What should I wear to a job interview at a movie theater?

Instead of wearing jeans or tennis shoes, interviewees should wear khakis, slacks, a dress, and formal shoes to the Regal Cinemas interview.

How much do 14 year olds get paid at mcdonalds?

Although there are some exceptions, you must be paid the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour in most cases.

Does AMC drug test?

AMC does not conduct drug tests.

How much do 14 year olds get paid at Chick Fil A?

The average Chick-fil-A Student salary is $10, with salaries ranging from $8 to $15.

Can a 15 year old work at AMC?

Workers with no prior experience are typically hired for entry-level cashier jobs at AMC, which have few formal requirements. The minimum hiring age is typically around 14 or 15 years old, though younger applicants typically require a work permit to work under the age of 16.

What age does Amazon hire at?

Working at Amazon requires a minimum age of 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Amazon?)

What are jobs that hire at 13?

ACT/NT Jobs for 13-Year-Olds

  • Babysitting.
  • Pet Sitting.
  • Dog Walker.
  • Get an online job.
  • Do yard work.
  • Do the newspaper round.
  • Modeling, acting, and extra work.

Is working at a movie theater a good job?

Other benefits and negatives: less “back breaking,” more busy work, and customer service; if you’re an usher, the hardest thing you’ll do is cleaning kids movies (always the worst) and taking out trash.

What day do AMC employees get paid?

Employees are paid bi-weekly, and you are paid bi-weekly as well, depending on your theater (each one is different), but you are paid every other Thursday here.

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What does an AMC crew member do?

Booth crew members are entry-level employees who operate film and sound equipment to provide audiences with flawless cinematic experiences. They primarily assemble and dismantle film for trailers and feature presentations, as well as diagnosing and resolving any technical issues.

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