Readers ask: How To Get A Job At Smoothie King?

Smoothie King Application Online: Jobs & Careers Info

Smoothie King franchises all over the world are looking for new and motivated employees, with entry-level team member positions being the most common. Minimum Age to Work at Smoothie King: 16 years old (How old do you have to be?).

Smoothie King Job Opportunities

Franchisees, supervisors, and other career-oriented roles expect the highest levels of service from entry-level employees, who must embody the company mission of fun and active living. Locations offer nutritious alternatives to traditional dessert or specialty drinks in fun, trendy, and colorful environments.

Smoothie King Positions and Pay Scales

Prospective employees must be at least 16 years old to be considered for available positions, which include paid and ongoing training, competitive base pay, and access to work benefits packages, including employee discounts. Other hiring requirements vary by position, but may include team-player attitudes and health-conscious mindsets.

Team Member

Depending on the location and level of experience, sales associates can earn anywhere from minimum wage to $9.00 per hour.


People skills and basic math skills, as well as good cash handling and communication skills, are required for this position.

How long does it take to get hired at Smoothie King?

Prior applicants describe the interviews as brief, averaging a span of 15-20 minutes, and expect the hiring process to take three to four days once hiring materials are submitted.

How much do Smoothie King employees make?

Smoothie King Hourly Rate Jobs

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Team Leader, General Range:$7 – $13 Average:$10
Barista Range:$7 – $13 Average:$9
Retail Store Manager Range:$10 – $19 (Estimated *) Average:-
Crew Leader Range:$7 – $17 (Estimated *) Average:-
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Is it easy to work at Smoothie King?

Working here was a solid experience, more or less exactly what one can expect out of a part-time drive-through job. Management is overall easy to work with and very flexible in terms of scheduling.

Does Smoothie King pay weekly?

Smoothie King pays bi-weekly on a bi-weekly basis.

Is Smoothie King a good first job?

Smoothie King Employee Reviews: It’s a good first job if you don’t mind being underpaid, but it’s a lot of fun! It’s really fun working with people and in such a small area.

Do you tip at Smoothie King?

Yes, I tip for almost everything that people ask for.

Does Smoothie King drug test employees?

Smoothie King does not conduct drug tests.

Do you get free smoothies if you work at Smoothie King?

The basic employee benefits could be better; for example, you get a free small smoothie every shift and 15% off purchases when you’re not on the clock.

What does chick fil a pay employees?

The average Chick – fil -A, Inc. hourly pay ranges from $9.54 per hour for Dishwasher/Busser to $18.81 per hour for Facility Coordinator, with annual salaries ranging from $18,502 per year for Inventory Manager to $95,409 per year for Platform Engineer.

What should I wear to a Smoothie King interview?

Smoothie King interview advice

  • They didn’t have a dress code16%
  • Formal (business suit)4%
  • Special outfit (e.g. protective gear)2%
  • Business casual (e.g. dress slacks)41%
  • Casual (t-shirt and jeans)37%
  • They didn’t have a dress code16%

Why do I want to work at Smoothie King?

I want to work at Smoothie King because I want to gain experience as a customer and a worker, and I also want to work here because I enjoy making people happy, and I believe that as a worker here, I will be able to meet the needs of all customers.

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Can you wear nails at Smoothie King?

Yes, acrylic nails are permitted to be worn at work.

How much do Mcdonalds get paid?

McDonald’s Corporation Hourly Rate Jobs

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Cashier Range:$7 – $11 Average:$9
Fast Food Worker Range:$8 – $12 Average:$9
Restaurant Manager Range:$9 – $15 Average:$12
Crew Leader Range:$8 – $12 Average:$10

Does Smoothie King use real fruits?

Smoothie King’s only fresh fruit is bananas, which are peeled by hand and allowed to ripen slightly before being used. The majority of Smoothie King’s other fruits come in a large can and are filled with syrup.

How much do ROSS pay an hour?

Hourly Rate Jobs at Ross Stores, Inc

Job Title Range Average
Retail Associate Range:$9 – $15 Average:$11
Retail Sales Associate Range:$9 – $15 Average:$11
Assistant Store Manager Range:$12 – $22 Average:$16
Front End Supervisor Range:$9 – $17 Average:$12

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